What’s more surreal, Chris Pratt voicing Mario or Chris Pratt talking about a Nintendo Direct? The good news is that you don’t have to pick, as both have been combined in a new tweet from Mr. Pratt.

As you can see above, Chris Pratt is driving hype for this week’s Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct via Twitter. With Pratt voicing Mario, it’s no surprise to see him tweeting about the upcoming debut trailer for the movie. The way it’s worded certainly makes it seem more contractually obligated than genuine, but let’s hope it’s both.

There’s no doubt Pratt’s Twitter will blow up once the first trailer makes its way onto the web. Let’s just hope people have reason to tweet Pratt and celebrate, rather than lambaste.

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1+ y ago

I’m excited. Todays Nintendo is far more protective and careful with their IP than the Nintendo of 1993.
This movie will be something special.