Bear and Breakfast has been updated to Version 1.4.8 on Nintendo Switch. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

  • Made a change to use a set of static buffers on Switch when performing saves. This should decrease the number of crashes some players have been experiencing. It is recommended to reboot your console after updating the game in order to clear the device memory. We are monitoring the situation and investigating further as we keep working to eliminate the cause of the crashes. Thank you for your patience.
  • Locked Bottom Menu while the LootView is opened in order to avoid accidentally getting locked by opening menus from the bottom bar.
  • Fixed automation clearing out valid container contents when stations are active, but the global automation flag is off.
  • Fixed Automation Locked message on serving table remaining active after disabling automation.
  • Fixed PauseView having BearStuck getting triggered while trying to reset settings to default in the Options panel.
  • Blocked room changes from getting accepted when there‚Äôs an active object placing session in order to avoid some situation which would soft lock the UI.
  • Blocked menu shortcuts when the player is interacting with an object in order to avoid some situation which would soft lock the UI.

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