Persona 5 Royal is finally making its way to Switch on October 21st, 2022, giving Switch fans the chance to see what all the fuss is about. Persona 5 Royal has been praised in every way possible, and that includes its soundtrack. Shoji Meguro is the person behind the game’s amazing music, and it turns out they’d like a crack at some Nintendo franchises as well.

In an interview with Nintenderos, Meguro was asked about what Nintendo franchises they’d like a chance to compose for if given the chance. Three franchises came to mind instantly for Meguro, and you can see their response below.

That’s a tough one! Going by my favorite world feel, I’d have to say Xenoblade. But it’s hard to toss Fire Emblem to the side… But man, I’d love to write songs for a Zelda game!

[Shoji Meguro]

I’m sure Nintendo fans would love to see Meguro take a crack at all three! Perhaps they’ll get a chance to do so sometime down the road. If Persona 5 Royal goes over really well on Switch, Nintendo might be eager to work with Meguro in the future!

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Since Shoji Meguro is now independent... Never say never.