Developer Appnormals Team and publisher Freedom Games previously announced that Terracotta was going to release on Switch Oct. 20th, 2022. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. The game has now been delayed to Q1 2023 on Switch, and we’ll have to wait on a more specific date.

Something stirs in the darkness of the underground mausoleum. A terracotta figurine cracks and a soul stirs within, awakened by the energy of the Tao. You wake, surrounded by eight thousand of your terracotta comrades. A curse has been placed upon the army of the first emperor, save yourself… meaning you are the only one who can lift it and bring peace to one of the greatest spiritual wonders of ancient China.

Terracotta is an action-adventure game based on China’s seminal Qin dynasty. Though ruling only for fifteen years, the first imperial dynasty laid the foundations of a state that would endure for over two thousand years. Experience the splendor and drama, as China transforms from a patchwork of warring states to a united empire. Witness the creation of the first Great Wall of China and the grand victories that preserved its legacy.

As the sole un-cursed warrior of the emperor’s Terracotta Army, you’ll have to master your ability to channel the Tao, switching between the realms of Yin and Yang to free your fellow soldiers from the spiritual blight.

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I just want to say thank you for the witty and imaginative sub titles under the post headings.