Cult of the Lamb caught the attention of gamers the world over right from the start, thanks to it’s cute, yet chaotic presentation. Adorable animal characters in a world drenched with blood and cult rituals? It seems like a combo that shouldn’t work, yet it’s such an out-there idea that it’s irresistible.

Two more ideas that don’t seem like they’d mesh are roguelike and building elements, but that’s exactly what Cult of the Lamb thrives on. In an interview with Games Industry, game director Julian Wilton spoke about the challenge of mixing these two genres together.

“We had to smoosh two games together, and had many difficulties ensuring the gameplay loop worked well, which meant constant iterations. We were still updating it six months out of the release, though we used the followers quite a bit as the glue that would hold both sides together.

We definitely understood after announcing the game we were attracting the cosy game audience. We knew that this was a good thing, and we doubled down on it. But did make it quite difficult to balance a game that can be enjoyed by two very different audiences.”

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