NES Works dives into Pachicom, BurgerTime and Ikki

Three more for the history books

05 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

This week on NES Works, Jeremy Parish gives us a look at three more NES/Famicom titles, and only one of them was lucky enough to get localized.

There’s no doubt you’ve all heard of BurgerTime, which has seen numerous ports after its initial arcade release. BurgerTime is still around today on multiple platforms, and there’s no doubt more iterations and revamps in the works.

Along with that comes a spotlight for Pachicom and Ikki, two games which never had a chance at getting localized back in the NES days. Pachicom was a pachinko simulator, so you can see why it never jumped over to the West. Ikki is a bit different, as it does seem like something that could have piqued interested in the West, yet it never came over. That’s even more odd when you hear that it’s Sunsoft’s best-selling game ever!

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