Publisher Entergram and developer Giga have announced that the romance visual novel Haru Kiss is seeing release on Switch in Japan come January 26th, 2023. The title will be priced at 8,228 yen for the standard edition (physical or digital), or 10,970 yen for a limited edition. The limited edition includes a B2 tapestry and the original soundtrack “Spring Breeze.” You can see the packing for both versions below.


Shuuji’s grades have taken a hit since he played around too much, so his cousin Tsubame decides to take him in to keep an eye on him. But since she’s usually busy with work, he ends up taking care of the house along with younger cousin Aoi. He wishes to become independent soon. At this time, he helped his classmate Itsuki and became pretend lovers with her. Then his younger sister Konomi came to see him, along with the daughter of his judo teacher and his childhood friend, Amane. What kind of a future awaits him?

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