Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is set for Switch release sometime in 2023, which means we’ve got quite a wait until it releases. Thankfully, some fresh details on the game have come in with the latest issue of Famitsu.

Famitsu spoke to developer Kazutaka Kodaka to see how the game is shaping up, along with details on the project in general. We’ve rounded up the details he shared below.

  • Kodaka mentions how he always yearned to create a title set in the 2020s
  • the world will be larger than all 23 wards of Tokyo combined
  • each detective has a “Special Detective Ability” used to aid in solving cases
  • abilities include identifying suspect parties’ lies and manipulation to extract information
  • there are at least nine characters who are listed as “Super Detectives”
  • the game’s development is 60% complete

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE: Investigate crimes and dive into the supernatural with an amnesiac detective and the spirit that haunts him in this dark fantasy mystery from the creators of Danganronpa. Take on unsolved cases as Yuma, a trainee at the Detective agency. Thoroughly inspect each crime scene to gather clues and evidence. When you’re ready, the spirit Shinigami will conjure a realm tying the crime scene to the truth – a Mystery Labyrinth. Mystery Phantoms will attempt to hinder your progress during each case. Avoid their barrage of falsehoods and slash through contradictions.

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