As we shared recently, Minecraft Live (the online Minecraft celebration and news event) is back on October 15th-16th. This year one of the festivities is the “Mob Vote” where fans can vote for what new Mob they want to see be added to the game. Of course, you’ve probably been wondering what those mobs are. Today gives us our look at the second potential mob, the Rascal!

This mysterious mob can be found in the mines where it loves to play hide-and-seek! It’s both playful and helpful, giving you hints as you search for it. Oh, and it is generous too! Find it three times and it will reward you with a special prize that will help your mining.

To find the rascal, dig deep below ground. You don’t have to go as far as the deep dark, just below Y=0. It may be mischievous, but it won’t lead you into a warden’s den!

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