Pokémon Mega Get has been available in Japanese arcades since 2016, but Bandai Namco has revealed that the Pokéball-throwing game is set to receive a pretty considerable makeover. The new arcade ‘cabinet’ can be seen above, and that’s just the start for the revamp, which should appear in arcades sometime this month.

Bandai Namco is calling this overhaul Pokémon Mega Get ‘Nagetore Box,’ and it includes a bench that allows people to sit and play. The game now has a much bigger screen as well, going from 32 to 43 inches. This enclosed cabinet is also better for Pokéball wrangling, as the physical Pokéballs you have to throw are now less likely to roll away into the arcade, and they shouldn’t end up hitting other arcade patrons.

Pokémon Mega Get asks players to throw Pokéballs at a screen in order to catch Pokémon. Accuracy matters with your throw, as the more ‘on’ you are with a throw, the more likely you’ll capture a Pokémon. A Legendary Pokémon will appear after the player has successfully caught 100 regular Pokémon.

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