When you’re looking to get work done and be productive, you most likely sit down at a laptop or desktop computer. Well those days are over, damnit! Now you can fire up your NES for more than just gaming, thanks to the homebrew release of NESOS.

NESOS comes from Inkbox Software, and it’s a graphical operating system designed for the NES. Now to be truthful, you’re not going to get too much done on this OS, as it supports just a word processor and settings, but it’s still impressive to see something like this. You can even customize the OS a bit, thanks to the ability to change color schemes and move icons around with your pointer.

NESOS fits into just 48K, and working within the NES’ many restrictions make this release that much more of a miracle. Of course, there are other restrictions in getting work done, as you’ll have to input text through a directional pad and buttons. In other words, if you have some important work to get to, you might want to skip making NESOS your main method of productivity.

You can try out NESOS right now with this ROM, and yes, if you get it onto a cartridge, it’ll actually run on your NES!

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1+ y ago

As with any new Operating System…..does it run Doom?