This month in HITMAN 3, a major game update will bring many new fixes to the game and the roadmap will see 3 new unlocks - two suits; one an homage to Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and the other a Halloween themed suit. HITMAN 3 is also releasing the fan favorite Banana as an official unlock.

The full roadmap includes:

  • October 6: New Challenge - Unlock Agent 17’s Signature Suit
  • October 7 (until Oct 17): Elusive Target: The Politician
  • October 13: Elusive Target Arcade – Unlock The Banana
  • October 13 (until Oct 23): Play For Free - Sapienza Landslide
  • October 20: Mills Reverie - Unlock The Sandman Suit
  • October 20: Featured Contracts - Halloween Edition!
  • October 28 (until Nov 7): Elusive Target - The Appraiser

If you’d like to see a more complete breakdown of everything happening in October, you can see the official IO Interactive blog here. You can also see a video feature on the October roadmap below.

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