As we shared recently, Minecraft Live (the online Minecraft celebration and news event) is back on October 15th-16th. This year one of the festivities is the “Mob Vote” where fans can vote for what new Mob they want to see be added to the game. Of course, you’ve probably been wondering what those mobs are. Today gives us our look at the second potential mob, the Tuff Golem!

This mob is also a statue – that moves! In its statue state, the tuff golem can hold and display any item you give it. When it wakes up from its statuesque slumber, it will stroll around at random and pick up whatever dropped item it comes across if it is not holding one already.

The tuff golem will be a mob that you build, like snow and iron golems, but unlike them, they are completely passive. If you include a wool block in its construction, it will wear a matching cloak! Such a stylish statue!

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