No More Heroes 3 came to Switch back in August 2021, but now the game is getting a chance to find a new audience on other platforms. That includes a release on PS5, which gives us a chance to see just how visually different the ‘next-gen’ version is compared to the Switch outing.

The video above pits the Switch version against the PS5 release with a side-by-side comparison and more. Obviously both games are going to look quite similar, but just how much improved is the PS5 outing? Check out the video above to see how much better the humble Switch version could look.

Of course, it’s not too late to give the Switch version of No More Heroes 3 a go! You can pick the game up digitally or physically, and it’s priced at $60. If you’re going the digital route, you’ll need 7.2 GB of space.

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1+ y ago

That's a massive jump in quality on PS5. Switch may have got the game first but it feels like the PS5(and all the other platforms) version was the original and how it was meant to look, and they worked backwards to downgrade it so it could run on Switch.