Here’s a bit of a public service announcement for Splatoon 3 players out there. We’re sure most of you wouldn’t do this anyway, but if you’re in the Splatoon 3 hub and you see random QR codes popping up in player profiles, do yourself a favor and don’t scan them.

People have been using Splatoon 3’s illustrations feature to add QR codes to their messages that appear in the hub/on their profiles. Most people are using these for good, creating QR codes that link to Splatoon art, YouTube highlights, or social media handles. Unfortunately, there’s always some bad eggs out there as well, and they’re using QR codes for more nefarious purposes.

Some have started noticing that some people have created QR codes that are out to scam players. These codes could link to NSFW imagery, sites that try to steal personal info, and more. Again, most people are employing QR codes for good, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

While we’re all curious to see where a QR code links when we see it pop up in Splatoon 3, it’s best to leave it be and move on.

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1+ y ago

Gotta say that’s an innovative way to be a jerk and trick someone into seeing something that they might not want to see.

It’s just good sense to not scan random QR codes in general.

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1+ y ago

An octoling with a BlobMob mask, enchanted robe, ripped jeans, and power boots? Yep, that's her alright. For those curious about what the QR code in the screenshot leads to, it goes to none other than the classic of...

A rickroll.

Congrats, [gf], your lil' shenanigans have a news article now; look at the chaos you have started!

Also yeah, don't scan or click random links because not all of them are going to be so innocent. Cybersec 101. Stay safe and happy splatting!


1+ y ago

Doesn't any QR code scanner always show the URL before actually opening the website?