As promised, Pokémon Co. released a brand-new trailer for Pokémon Scarlet/Violet earlier today. The video was over 14 minutes long and featured a detailed look at all sorts of fresh content, but it turns out there was even more to be excited about hiding in plain sight.

About halfway through the trailer, eagle-eyed fans spotted artwork for three new Pokémon tucked away on a mini-map. The trailer never specifically called out these Pokémon, but there’s no doubt Pokemon Co. knew fans would catch these fresh faces in the trailer.


While one Pokémon in the grouping is a familiar face, three of them are not. One looks pretty much like a cartoonish mouse, another is a green parrot-like bird, and a third almost looks like a rock-style Mario mushroom. As you can guess, Pokémon Co. didn’t share any details on these Pokémon, so it’s up to fans to speculate as to who they are/what they do.

Will Pokémon Co. talk about these Pokémon in particular before Scarlet/Violet launch? Only time will tell, but until that day arrives, fans will no doubt be scouring every piece of media for more details.

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