If you are a fan of live reactions, you will not want to miss this one!

Here we see the crowd at Nintendo NY waiting for one of the most anticipated trailers in Nintendo’s history, only this time, it’s not for a game, but for the Mario movie! As a reminder, we’ve known nothing about this movie since it was announced back in 2018, 4 years with nothing but an announcement. Predictably, people were excited, yet cautious of how this movie was going to turn out.

Do you want to see how people reacted? Don’t miss out on the YouTube video above, with a second look at the fun below!

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1+ y ago

Must have been great atmosphere watching the trailer live with fans. Pity about that guys obnoxious commentary though.

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1+ y ago

I'm so glad I watched the trailer at home at my desk instead of in New York, sitting next to that obnoxious guy.


1+ y ago

The trailer surpassed my expectations - I am excited!


1+ y ago

I watched one of these reaction videos from the New York store earlier. I prefer when there's an official video from Nintendo, because some of these people tend to make themselves the center of attention and come across as quite obnoxious. I pressed play for a few seconds, ya, that's the one I watched.