Are you a fan of languages? Are you multilingual? Or maybe you are just curious to know what characters sound like in the official dubs from all over the world? Whatever the case is, we bring you the newly released Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer in languages other than English! Below we’ve gathered a small compilation with Latin American Spanish, Spain Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French and German.

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Latin American Spanish:

Spain Spanish:

Brazilian Portuguese:




[Unversal Pictures YouTube]

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1+ y ago

Is there a Japanese version too?

All the fuss over English voices when you'll be able to watch subs (not in theaters, probably, but still).


1+ y ago

French mario sounds the best


1+ y ago

Funny the Japanese site has the USA version with subs.


1+ y ago


In the Nintendo Direct version, all countries had the USA version with subs.


1+ y ago

Sounds SO much better in French, and Brazilian too. Why can't Pratt do that? Should have just casted Charles or someone unknown...

giancarlo thomaz senoni

1+ y ago

Brazil as usual showing why we have the best dub in the world

giancarlo thomaz senoni

1+ y ago

i believe Anya Taylor-Joy voice as Peach is gonna be a heavy british acent based on a acent the queen Elizabeth second have mixed with a typical girly voice

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