Analyzing the Super Mario Bros. movie's debut trailer

All the things you didn't see

07 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Just a few hours ago, Nintendo and Illumination finally gave us our first real look at the Super Mario Bros. movie with the debut trailer. It did a fantastic job of showing off just how much work is going into this project, and introducing some of the main characters.

Of course, while there was plenty to see front-and-center, the trailer hides all kinds of secrets and interesting tidbits for those willing to dissect it. Of course, plenty of channels on YouTube have been toiling away to see what surprises and Easter eggs the trailer hides. If you want to see the debut trailer freeze-framed, slowed down and picked apart every which way, these videos are exactly what you’re looking for!

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1+ y ago

So many tiny but important details. This movie was crafted with care.