Overwatch 2 is one of the latest multiplatform games to come to Switch, just like the original Overwatch before it. Anyone playing Overwatch 2 on Switch knows it won’t be the best looking version of the bunch, but just how off is it from the competition? The video above lets you see how the Switch port stacks up against the PS4 and PS5 releases.

The first thing you’ll notice in this video is that there’s a pretty considerable different between character models in all versions of Overwatch 2. The Switch version certainly gets the major elements across, but things aren’t anywhere near as detailed when compared to PS4 and PS5. That’s especially true when it comes to in-game models.

On the flip-side, the environments on Overwatch 2 on Switch seem to measure up quite comparably to the other versions. Again, it’s no surprise to see a downgrade between Switch and the PS4/PS5 options, but Switch definitely compares much more favorably here.

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