UPDATE: The Altaria Plush is now available to purchase from the Pokemon Center website in the states. Not surprisingly, this is another incredibly pricey piece of merch. You can bring home this massive Altaria plush for $500, and if you’ve got that kind of cash sitting around, feel free to lock in your order here.

You can find our original post about this plush below.

Pokemon Co. has already released a series of different life-size Pokémon plush dolls, and the lineup appears to be a hit, as yet another option is on the way.

The next Pokémon getting the life-size plush treatment is Altaria, which is definitely one of the bigger ones Pokémon Co. has put out. This sucker clocks in at 96×131×90cm and weigh 6.5kg. As usual, this will only be available through Pokémon Center Online in Japan, and pre-orders open today.

These life-sized plushes usually make their way over to North America and Europe as well, but we have to wait a few months. If/when this Altaria plush comes over, we’ll be sure to let you know. For now, you can check out a few more pics of the plush here.

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1+ y ago

I could see that being used as a pet bed.