The official Western release date for Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher has been announced. You can look forward to the game seeing release on October 20th, 2022, as confirmed by the brand-new launch trailer seen above.

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is a brand-new collaboration between Ultraman, a famous Japanese Tokusatsu work, and Monster Rancher, a popular role-playing simulation series. This new game introduces the iconic “Ultra Kaiju” such as Alien Baltan, Zetton, and Gomora to the popular gameplay mechanics of raising and battling monsters from the Monster Rancher series.

Summon your Kaiju by searching the digital CD database or scanning NFC-compatible cards and more. Explore and train to unleash the full strength of your Ultra Kaiju. Players can enjoy unique and cute movements of Ultra Kaiju that are not usually seen in the original Ultraman series.

Compete in tournaments to test your skills. Combining Ultra Kaiju – Combine Ultra Kaijus to unlock new variations, including a Zetton-patterned Gomora! Over 200 types of Kaiju to be discovered.

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