If you haven’t been able to tell over the last year, Nintendo absolutely loves to come up with themed suggestions for Switch owners. Nintendo spends time thinking about any/every possible way they can lump together Switch games for an article, and they’re back today with yet another grouping.

In step with the month of October, Nintendo has put together a list of Switch games that features skeletons. You thought Nintendo was done with spooky suggestions after their ‘Creepy Games with Demos’ feature earlier this week? Apparently not, and it seems like they’re just getting started!

Want to check out some Switch games with skeletons to get you into the Halloween spirit? Nintendo’s list includes some of their own games, along with a bunch of third party options. You can see which games made Nintendo’s short list here.

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1+ y ago

That list of games could be wide open. For example, MK8 can be included as you can choose to race as Dry Bowser and Dry Bones.