Did you already pick up No Man’s Sky on Switch, or are you planning to do so soon? If you’re still on the fence, you might want to make your decision before November 7th, 2022, as you’ll miss out on an opportunity to get some fancy, free content.

Hello Games has announced that early adopters on Switch can claim a set of exclusive rewards from the Space Anomaly. Connect to the No Man’s Sky servers on Switch before Nov. 7th, 2022 to be eligible to collect the Horizon Vector NX starship and Infinite Neon Mark XXII Multi-Tool. As you can see above, the Horizon Vector NX starship is Joy-Con themed!

Again, if you don’t connect to the No Man’s Sky servers before November 7th, 2022, these items won’t be available to you. Along with that, we have no idea if there will be any other way to get them, or if they’ll be provided again at a later date. It’s best to hop on now so you don’t miss out!

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