Fire Emblem Engage's 'Celine' detailed

No relation to Dion

07 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Nintendo has been sharing various tidbits about Fire Emblem Engage via social media, and most of their posts have been character profiles. These posts have given us details on newcomers in Fire Emblem Engage, and today shares some fresh details on Celine.

Celine (voiced by Akari Kitou in the Japanese release) is the first princess of the Kingdom of Philene, and Alfred’s little sister. Celine is described as a gentle person, full of innocence, as well as a philanthropist always striving to end conflicts in a peaceful manner. That being said, she is more than willing to take up arms in order to protect peace.

Just like Alfred, Celine’s base class is Noble. She can use both magic and swords to dispatch enemies.


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