As we’ve previously detailed, Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s next wave of DLC is coming out on Oct. 13th, 2022. This is the second round of DLC for the game, and it includes the following content:

Challenge Battle mode against difficult enemies

  • Overcome a variety of challenges by playing the Challenge Battle mode. Collect crystals and exchange them for valuable accessories and new outfits.

A new hero character and accompanying quests

  • This wave adds the new hero character, Ino, to the game. Complete her Hero Quest to recruit her to your party and gain access to her class.

New character outfits

  • Swimsuits

Just today, Nintendo has released a new video showcasing some of the content found in DLC Wave 2. In particular, it showcases Ino, a new hero. Ino was invented by a great Nopon, and they introduce themselves as an “Artificial Blade.” In the clip above, you can see that Noah and the gang are definitely suspicious of Ino.


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