Overwatch 2 chat bug can accidentally buy skins (UPDATE)

Put your money where your mouth is

09 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

UPDATE: This bug has since been fixed through a hotfix. Unfortunately, it seems Blizzard is refusing to refund people who had accidentally purchases go through. You can find our original report on the glitch below.


Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play game, but there’s still plenty of stuff to spend money on. If you want to play for free that’s 100% fine, but you better hope a newly-discovered bug doesn’t hit you, as you might end up spending hard-earned cash when you had no plans to!

This bug in particular pertains to the in-game text chat, which can get a little funky depending on what you’re doing. For whatever reason, if you’re using the in-game chat menu, all your button inputs will still register for other menu options. This means you could accidentally navigate to the store and purchase a skin without even knowing you’re doing so. Unfortunately, the way we know this issue exists is because some unlucky people have found themselves to be owners of skins they had no intention of buying.

It appears beta testers made Blizzard aware of this issue all the way back in May, but it’s clear nothing has been fixed. Blizzard also hasn’t made a comment on these accidental purchases or the bug itself, but it’s likely they’ll set things right going forward. Hopefully we don’t have to wait soon, but as for now, be extra careful when you’re text chatting!


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1+ y ago

'Accidentally'. XD
This is just a clever new way to make you buy something.


1+ y ago

Innovating like Blizzard have in recent years, or shall we say microsoft now that i think they got bought up?