The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is coming to Switch on May 12th, 2023, which is still a ways off. That said, it’s early enough for Nintendo to spread the word at various gaming events, and that includes ones that they host.

As you can see above, Nintendo has brought an absolutely amazing statue of Link with them to Nintendo Live 2022. This statue shows off Link in his Tears of the Kingdom form, and he’s looking better than ever. This statue is our best look yet at Link’s outfit, and more importantly, his afflicted hand.


Best of all, this Link statue is life-sized! The picture above shows off the true scope of the statue, making it even more breathtaking. Seeing pictures of the statue is definitely interesting, but seeing this sucker in real-life must be quite a treat.

Want to see more of this Link statue? You can find an extremely detailed gallery of photos at this link.


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1+ y ago

That is awesome. Perhaps it’s a scaled up model that’ll be used for Amiibo?


1+ y ago

That statue looks great. I often wonder what happens to these promotional pieces when the game has come and gone. Can members of the public get their hands on them? That's a huge piece, it would take up a lot of room and that cape must be very delicate.


1+ y ago


I was about to say, is this a scaled up amiibo? Awesome if so. Really cool pose.


1+ y ago

Maybe it was posted already but Sakurai also tweeted a photo of him with it. Looks so good.