The debut trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie from Nintendo and Illumination released earlier this week, and it quickly climbed to the #1 spot on YouTube’s top trending videos. The entire internet has been sharing their thoughts on the trailer, but a few others have been using it as a means of inspiration for some pet projects.

In the video above, we can see that animator Coda was quite inspired by the Bowser/penguin army showdown that kicks the trailer off. Many of us thought of Super Mario 64 when the penguins popped up in the trailer, but Coda took things a step further by bringing the whole scene into Super Mario 64 itself.

There have been some liberties taken with animations and camera placement, but the core of the Super Mario Bros. trailer scene is still very much intact here. Somehow, this version remains just as charming as what was in the trailer, if not more so. Let’s hope Coda puts together a few more moments from the trailer in Super Mario 64 style!

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