Ugly Sonic is but a memory for Sonic fans nowadays. A moment in time that caused a huge uproar, but led to greater things. Since that initial reveal of an…interesting Sonic design, many have claimed that original approach was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Now, in a new interview, the film’s producer claims that wasn’t the case at all.

In an interview with Corridor Digital, Deadpool director and Sonic the Hedgehog movie producer Tim Miller talked at length about the original design of Sonic for the movie. The plan was to have a more ‘realistic’ Sonic in order to have him better interact with real-world objects. Obviously this approach didn’t sit well with fans, and caused an incredibly backlash.

Miller said he went to director Jeff Fowler to talk about the fan response, but Fowler was already well aware of the issue, and seemed to agree with fans. Furthermore, Miller says Paramount never asked for an ugly version of Sonic in order to drum up interest for the movie. Instead, Miller claims that the original design for Sonic and the negativity that followed was the, “luckiest horrible thing that could happen.” It was that whole ordeal that led to Sonic’s redesign, and eventually, the movie’s success.

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1+ y ago

I find it hard to believe this wasn't a publicity stunt. That everybody involved looked at each other with a straight face prior to the initial reveal trailer.