There are thousands, perhaps millions of amiibo collectors out there, and they’re always looking to see what’s coming next. Most of those fans keep their eyes clued to the Nintendo Consumer Product Safety (CPSIA) page, which clues us into the next amiibo releases on the way. Those fans have just caught a new addition to the site, but it’s currently shrouded in mystery.

While the listings on Nintendo’s CPSIA page often say what specific amiibo are on the way, the latest post says that an amiibo called ‘amiibo’ is set to release. The only other detail we know is that this unnamed amiibo saw production in August and September, which should mean it’ll be out in stores before the year closes out.

The speculation seems to be point to Sephiroth being this mystery amiibo, as a release for Sephiroth could coincide nicely with the upcoming launch of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII in early December. Again, that’s just speculation at this point, so we’ll have hang tight for Nintendo’s final word before we know what this release is.

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