Just a couple of weeks ago, Square Enix revealed Octopath Traveler II for Switch, and it’s seeing release February 24th, 2022. While the original Octopath Traveler was the first game to use the HD-2D engine, Octopath Traveler II will employ a host a upgrades and tweaks to the popular engine.

Square Enix released the video above to give players a look at how the HD-2D engine has been upgraded since it was last seen. In Octopath Traveler II, character art has been elevated a bit to make them stand out more, and there’s a lot more in the way of dynamic camera movement.

According to Square Enix, they’re considering the engine in Octopath Traveler II to be HD-2D Version 2.0. From what you see, do you agree that this is the next step for this popular engine?

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