Into the Breach has gotten another sizable update, bumping the game up to Version 1.2.77. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

  • New music from Ben Prunty! Two new tracks!
  • Improved save file backup system to prevent data loss
  • Fixed: Bonus Objectives were being improperly blocked for some missions, resulting in bad combinations
  • Enemies that are supposed to not overlap should no longer spawn together (Blobbers + Spiders, etc.)
  • Fixed some prediction UI and consistency to weapon effects in corner cases
  • Miner Inconvenience will no longer count mountain destruction twice
  • Spiderlings are now “Minor” enemies — they will not receive Psion bonuses and do not count towards objectives ‘kills’
  • Vek Hormones will now stack with Enrage Shot, contributing its bonus damage when Enraging an enemy
  • Can no longer Enrage frozen enemies
  • Closer / Opener / Conservative will correctly apply their bonuses as soon as the pilot levels up
  • Fixed: Could not select Invulnerable pilots if they died the same battle as starting a new Timeline
  • Fixed: Conservative Pilots would sometimes continue giving their ability post-death
  • Void Shocker will not count hitting a rock as hitting a unit
  • Fixed: On “Fast” Combat Speed, enemies could push corpses from previous turns into things
  • Spider Psion eggs will not longer fall on Time Pods
  • Adrenaline Pilot Skill will now correctly count multi-kill turns
  • Fixed some maps that could create trapped units
  • Fixed some problems with touch UI tooltips
  • Void Shocker will not longer effect Bot enemies
  • Can now Enrage and Control the VIP Trucks and Mine-Bots
  • Fixed some issues with notifications for Pilot Death / Pilot Level Up
  • Repair Platforms now repair 10 damage (fully repairing any Mech) instead of 4
  • “Feed the Flames” achievemnet will no longer count enemy or environment attacks
  • Spider Boss will no longer spawn outside of its mission (only works on its mission)
  • Technician Perk will correctly count towards the “Stay With Me” achievement
  • Secret Squad Pilots will no longer receive the “Invulnerable” or the “Popular Hero” skills
  • More tooltip, minor rendering, and text issues fixed

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