We learned about the upcoming Switch version of Pompom: The Great Space Rescue quite awhile ago, and there’s even a demo available on the Switch eShop right now. You might want to give that a try soon, as the game is set to launch in the very near future!

As of today, Pompom: The Great Space Rescue has been confirmed for a October 25th, 2022 release on Switch. Unfortunately, we don’t have word on pricing or file size at this time, but hopefully those details are released soon.

Pompom: The Great Space Rescue is a tribute to the SNES classics and the retro 16-bit era. In this platformer, you don’t control Pompom : you help him by moving the platforms and objects around him. For example, you can place springs, build bridges, prune vines or even light up ghosts. Travel through eight different worlds to face enemies and fight Captain Cat and his gang. From space to beaches full of flying fish to ancient temples lost in the jungle.


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