Pokemon Co. has been going into overdrive with Pokémon Scarlet/Violet promotional materials. Just last week, we got a 14+ minute trailer that gave us an incredibly detailed look at both games. Looks like even that wasn’t enough to show us everything the games have to offer, as Pokémon Co. has yet another video in the works.

Pokémon Co. has announced that they’ll be sharing more information on Pokemon Scarlet/Violet come Oct. 12th, 2022. This info will come via a brand-new video that’s set to go live at 9 AM ET. No specific details have been shared on what the video will include, but it’s sure to share some never-before-seen tidbits.


In particular, it seems that Pokémon Co. will be showing off a gym leader, as teased by the Japanese Twitter account with the image above. We’ll be sure to bring you the trailer as soon as it’s live, complete with any fresh details that are released.

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