The latest entry in the Monster Rancher series ‘Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher’ is right around the corner and as expected, there will new ways to generate monsters!

In earlier games, you would have to use different CDs to be able to generate monsters, but unless you hop over to an alternate dimension and get a disc based Nintendo Switch, that won’t be possible with this game. Instead, generating monsters or Kaiju can be done in two ways:

1) NFC-compatible devices, including transit cards like Suica or Passmo. This will be exclusive to Japan.

2) Keywords, which is the latest system being showcased today.

By entering two keywords (a Main keyword and a Sub keyword), you can generate different monsters with various abilities. See the feature in action below:

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is releasing on Nintendo Switch on October 20th.

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1+ y ago

Why not make it amiibo compatible as an additional option? Not even saying they have to generate Nintendo/amiibo themed content.