LEGO Bricktales now available on Switch

New kid on the block

12 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Thunderful has announced that LEGO Bricktales has finally made its way to Switch as of today. The title is priced at $30 and includes English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish language options. Check out the launch trailer for LEGO Bricktales above.

LEGO Bricktales is a brand new physics-based puzzle adventure developed by Thunderful Games. In LEGO Bricktales, journey across 5 different LEGO themed biomes and use an intuitive new brick-by-brick building mechanic to solve puzzles and bring your solutions to life. From purely aesthetic creations, such as market stands and music boxes, up to functional physics-based puzzles like building cranes and gyrocopters, LEGO Bricktales offers a host of challenges and quests to test your imagination and building skills.

Through the deepest jungle, sun-drenched deserts, a bustling city corner, a towering medieval castle and tropical Caribbean islands, you’ll be treated to delightful environments packed full of secrets, challenges and fun characters.

In each diorama, there are LEGO Minifigures who need your help, as well as the opportunity to unlock new skills for your good deeds. While exploring these colorful environments, you will discover a variety of construction spots with their own sets of bricks - it’s up to you to figure out a unique build that will work. Whether you’re being asked to put on your designer hat and build a throne fit for a king or testing your engineering skills to build a bridge that will get a digger across a river, how you construct your builds and meet the challenges you’re being offered is up to you!

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