Two Point Campus has been updated to Ver. 1.5.112747. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.


  • New UI: Job Assignment Screen
  • Updated UI: Added text search to student and staff lists
  • Customization: New paths and new extendable flower bed
  • Customization: You can now customize extendable items! We’ve added this functionality on the wooden fence and will be adding it to more items in the future!
  • New items: See saw, mini golf, mini radiators, mini air conditioning
  • Added temperature filter to the item menus

Bug Fixing

  • General stability improvements
  • Balance adjustments for satisfying of needs:
  • Students are more likely to prioritize satisfying needs over other activities when needs are low
  • Students try to satisfy needs nearby when waiting in the queue for a room
  • Fix for sandbox plot merging issues which was causing spawning issues with students in sandbox (when unlock all plots is selected as an option or Creative Mode is selected).
  • Fix for Campus events being selected when editing event settings
  • Fix for Campus Overview sometimes not showing information
  • Fix for template button prompts being incorrect when in placement mode
  • Fix for closed event rooms being removed from the timetable
  • Fix area of Blundergrad where it wasn’t possible to place items
  • Added more specific messaging in blueprint build mode when buildings or rooms are not completable due to being unreachable
  • Fixed a bug where having plots unlocked in Sandbox options would subtract the value of those plots from your balance on game start
  • Room customisations can now be applied to all rooms and will carry over to newly placed rooms of that type
  • Fixed end-of-year awards being given when closing countdown message
  • Slightly reduced lecture seating nav bounds to reduce placement and reachability issues
  • Fixed missing SFX on customisation apply button
  • Fixed missing controller bindings for the switch profile input action
  • Added additional UI support for favourite student feature on the students list
  • Added dedicated invalid build position message for outdoor rooms not being built outdoors
  • Prevented dig site door being placed in 1 tile corridors in blueprint mode
  • Fixed issue with temperature items not always working with merged plots
  • Fixed typos in Blundergrad 3 star letter and Noblestead 2 star letter
  • Fix for it being difficult to select some fence posts
  • Fixed timetable objectives being read from the wrong timetable when in summer break
  • Fixed missing item error in the room inspector not updating when item is placed
  • Fixed training menu gamepad scroll not working when the first item is expanded in a long list
  • Fix for modifiers not being applied when upgrading the training pod
  • Shrink nav bounds of big floodlight pole so they don’t overlap the insides of buildings
  • Fixed item/room tooltips going out of the screen bounds
  • Prevented dig site door item placement directly opposite dig site wall to fix nav access issues when floor is lowered
  • Removed photo mode keyboard shortcut

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