The team behind Tunic, the Zelda-style adventure game, has been extremely upfront about just how much The Legend of Zelda franchise inspired the Xbox-exclusive. From gameplay to design choices, it’s all very much a love letter to Zelda. Turns out that inspiration runs so deep that it applies to the game’s instruction manual as well.

In the gallery above, you can see imagery from Tunic’s instruction booklet as compared to imagery from the Zelda II instruction booklet. The comparison of the artwork makes the inspiration undeniable. The artwork for Tunic’s instruction booklet is nearly a 1:1 copy of Link’s poses.

It’s great to see The Legend of Zelda series inspiring developers decades later. Let’s just hope we end up seeing Tunic on the Switch some day, as it feels like a real shame that Nintendo fans can’t give this one a go.

Thanks to Quence for the heads up!

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2y ago

I watched GameXplain do a play of the first half hour or so, I like it a lot. It's definitely something the Switch can handle. The map integration is really well put together and you can see the Zelda influence all over Tunic.