Super Mario Kart hack adds in the Blue Shell

Not even the original game is safe!

12 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

The Blue Shell is one of the most notorious items in Mario Kart history, and it’s the absolute bane of anyone in first place. The Blue Shell has been wreaking havoc since Mario Kart 64, which means just Super Mario Kart was safe from the shell’s lead-seeking ways…until now.

Hackers MrL314 and ScouBsmk weren’t happy with Super Mario Kart players having it easy, so they made it their mission to add the Blue Shell into the franchise’s debut. You can see the fruits of their labor above, which have resulted in a Super Mario Kart experience that’s decidedly more dangerous than the original!

Adding in the Blue Shell to Super Mario Kart is just part of a much bigger hack job that MrL314 and ScouBsmk are working on. Dubbed Super Mario Kart Deluxe, the hack will introduce new items, characters, tracks, battle modes, and more to the 16-bit classic.

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1+ y ago

This might be controversial but I think the Blue Shell is the worst thing to ever happen to Mario Kart.


1+ y ago

That's not a blue shell. If they're using existing assets within the game, the green shell would make more sense as it's closer to blue. There must be a reason, probably because the green shell doesn't home in on a target. It does need some work alright, as they plan to do.