New gameplay trailer released for SIGNALIS

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12 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer rose-engine previously announced that they’re bringing their survival horror title SIGNALIS to the Switch, and it’s launching on Oct. 27th, 2022. In advance of the game’s launch, a new gameplay trailer has been shared, which you can take a look at above.

This classic survival horror experience set in a dystopian future where humanity has uncovered a dark secret. Unravel a cosmic mystery, escape terrifying creatures, and scavenge an off-world government facility as Elster, a technician Replika searching for her lost dreams.

Awaken from slumber and explore a surreal retrotech world as Elster, a technician Replika searching for her lost partner and her lost dreams. Discover terrifying secrets, challenging puzzles, and nightmarish creatures in a tense and melancholic experience of cosmic dread and classic psychological survival horror.

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