Disney Dreamlight Valley is already brimming with familiar faces, but there’s so much more to dig into when it comes to Disney’s IP. That includes the world of The Lion King, and as we learned just a few weeks back, Scar is going to make his way into the game…whether he’s welcome or not.

While Disney Dreamlight Valley has plenty of friendly characters to interact with, Scar’s arrival is going to be quite different. In an interview with Polygon, Disney Dreamlight Valley senior world designer Josh Labelle talked about how Scar’s presence is going to make for a decidedly different atmosphere.

…with Scar, that’s a very exciting character. Scar is this chaos element in the village. We talked about the characters and their different frames of references, and with Scar, you’re throwing a lion into Dreamlight Valley — and particularly a lion like Scar. How does that character interact with, say, Remy? That’s going to be a lot of fun.

[Disney Dreamlight Valley senior world designer Josh Labelle]

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