No Man's Sky update makes dependable money-maker pretty worthless

We hear Reggie is still a fan of Activated Indium

12 October 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Switch players are brand-new to the world of No Man’s Sky, but others have been enjoying the game for the better part of 6 years. They’ve learned a ton about the ecosystem, and that includes the best ways to make big bucks. Many of those players are now mourning the loss of a surefire money-maker, as the game’s latest update has taken a once-valuable asset and yanked the bottom out.

Countless No Man’s Sky players turned to Activated Indium as a way to pull in insane amounts of in-game cash. Players were setting up Activated Indium farms that would basically work themselves, letting players come back to loot storage units after the harvesting for the precious material. Activated Indium would bring in nearly 1,000 units a piece, but the game’s Waypoint update has dropped that all the way down to just 165 units.

Without any advanced notice, Hello Games not only dropped the value of Activated Indium considerably, they also reduced the efficiency of drilling. In other words, the farms that have been built for Activated Indium no longer function as well or bring in nearly the same money. Now those players will have to find the next get-rich-quick scheme, as there’s surely one waiting somewhere out there in the galaxy. Perhaps you’ll be the one to find it, and start the next big movement in No Man’s Sky!


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