Back in late June of this year, it was revealed that Super Bomberman R2 would be coming to Switch in 2023. This new entry will include a new mode called Castle Mode where you defend your area from incoming enemy players as well as a new mode to create and share stages. You can get a fresh look at Bomberman’s next outing in the trailer above.

Super Bomberman R2 presents the story of the “8 Bomberman Brothers” and their new friend “Ellon”! A threat looms in the universe once again! The details of the scenario in which the new character “Ellon” plays a major role, and the power-up “Story Mode” that can be enjoyed by a single player will be announced in the future!

Castle: Fight asymmetrical battles of 1 vs 15 in a new attack vs. defend battle mode! A defending player is tasked with creating the map and placing defensive traps to slow down the attacking players, who will try to outplay the defensive roadblocks. Defending players will have the help of a new character type called Ellon to ward off the attacking players.

Creation Mode, “Level Editor”: Players will have different terrain options, wall placements, and defensive gimmicks at their disposal to create new stages. Players can also share their uniquely crafted levels with other players online.

Finally, the game will also include a battle royale mode for up to 64 players.

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