Trinity Team, the developers behind the overwhelming $500,000+ crowdfunding success ‘Slaps And Beans’ franchise, and global publishers 101XP, have announced the release of The Darkest Tales on Switch today.

In The Darkest Tales, players follow the adventure of Teddy, a grumpy (yet rather adorable) old bear brought to life to rescue his owner Alicia, and Lighty, a chatty glowing orb fairy, as they embark on a journey through distorted fairy-tale planes inhabited by nightmare-inducing enemies and nail-biting adventures.

Tackle the horrors of a dark and twisted world, exploring gorgeous yet hostile terrains, encounter once friendly childhood tale characters turned evil: a flesh-eating Little Red Riding Hood and a monstrous Pinocchio, to only name but two, and gear up for a challenging climb on the towering Beanstalk. Survive where all others failed in the rescue of Teddy’s old owner Alicia, and bring peace back to her childhood crib.

Can Teddy and Lighty fight off Alicia’s demonic dreams, or will Teddy’s stitches unravel at the seams and Lighty’s hopes flicker into darkness?

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