Persona 5 Royal has almost made its way to Switch. The multi-award winning game finally comes to Nintendo fans on October 21st, 2022, and if you have plans on streaming the game, you better get ready to follow some serious guidelines.

As usual, Atlus has a bunch of restrictions in place for anyone who plans to stream Persona 5 Royal. With streaming being quite popular nowadays, there’s sure to be plenty of fans who want to fire up this Switch release on-stream to play through. Just make sure you don’t break any rules while you’re doing it!

You can see the full, lengthy streaming guidelines below.

Persona 5 Royal is almost here! We’ve prepared a short guide for players looking to livestream or post video content of the game upon release.

As a basic rule, streaming and gameplay of Persona 5 Royal will be allowed once the game is officially available in your region. We strongly prohibit video recording and livestreaming of the game prior to its global launch on October 21, 2022.

We also ask that you do not upload background music tracks, or stream with the specific purpose of distributing the music of Persona 5 Royal.

We hope that you enjoy Persona 5 Royal!

Streaming Guidelines

Since Persona 5 Royal is a worldwide release, we ask that players include a spoiler warning in their video titles or descriptions, so that all users can enjoy the story at their own pace. Please respect your fellow players and be mindful of the content you post.

However, to allow as many users as possible to enjoy Persona 5 Royal, we ask that you refrain from posting the following segment of the game: From December 12th to the ending.

We also ask that you do not upload background music tracks, or stream with the specific purpose of distributing the music of Persona 5 Royal.

To allow for distribution and streaming, please include the proper copyright:


※If the “©” mark is unusable, “(C)” can be used instead.

We hope that you enjoy Persona 5 Royal!


1) Please do not re-record or distribute another user’s playthrough video.

2) Please do not distribute the music data, such as BGM tracks, or stream with the specific purpose of distributing the music.

3) Please refrain from requiring compensation to watch the recorded/livestreamed content, as this will be considered for-profit. However, if secondary income is generated as part of the online service through uploading/ livestreaming a video (e.g. Youtube Partner Program), that will not be considered for-profit.

4) Please do not slander any third-party users or organizations during any videos or livestreams.

5) Please do not engage in any illegal or illicit activities, or activities that may be considered inappropriate for the public, during any videos or livestreams, including:

– Any acts that jeopardizes the safety or intending functions of any product or service provided by the company

– Tools and services that allows for cheats, cracking, improper access and modification, as well as circumvention of restrictions placed on the backend side.

6) Should the company reach out to you directly, please be sure to immediately make the video in question unavailable for the public to view. There may be instances where the company will deem certain videos/ livestreams as inappropriate, in these cases, we ask for your cooperation and understanding when we ask to have these videos removed. There may also be instances where we may unfortunately not be at liberty to disclose the specific details as to why a certain takedown request must be issued.

7) The company also does not guarantee that posting or recording a video/ livestream does not infringe upon the copyright of any third-party individuals or organization. Any legal disputes that occur as a result of videos or livestreams involving our content must be handled directly between the uploader and third-party individual or organization. The company will not financially compensate anyone for any losses incurred as part of any such dispute.

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1+ y ago

Do not stream P5R when eating beans

Do not stream P5R when talking to George Went

Do not stream P5R when George Went is eating beans...


1+ y ago

If I was a streamer, I just wouldn't bother streaming Persona 5R. Let Atlus do without the free publicity. I can understand if it was a new game, but this first released 6 years ago.


1+ y ago

Put the spoiler warning on your streams of our 6 year old game!