If you’ve got a lot of retro games in your collection, you might be looking to keep them safe and sound. As the years roll on, dust, dirt and sunlight can wreak havoc on your collection, so why not keep it safe with a set of PET and acrylic protective cases from EVORETRO?

These transparent protective cases preserve your games and their value over the years, and both the PET and acrylic options are made from acid-free and archival-grade quality materials that are perfect for long-term preservation. While PET is more flexible and lightweight, acrylic is more resistant to scratches and UV rays.

You name a case type/size and EVORETRO has it. Cases for Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo, GameCube, Wii, Switch and so much more, and that includes cases for hardware boxes as well! If you’d like to take a look at the entire collection up for grabs, you can find EVORETRO’s list of products through Amazon or their official website.

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