Independent games development studio NAISU has announced that they’re bringing Volley Pals to the Switch. The game is set for release sometime in Q2 2023 and you can check out the debut trailer above.

Volley Pals is an action-packed, modern-style arcade volleyball game with unique mechanics in each level, featuring a local multiplayer party mode for up to four players. Volley Pals is a simplified version of the volleyball arcade where you strike the ball and pass it to the field of your opponent.

In Volley Pals, you can do a variety of other things that may not be permitted in traditional volleyball, such as invading your opponent’s territory, taking advantage of their services before they do, raising the net’s height, playing rock-paper- scissors, and other strategies.

The game modes range from 1v1 to 2v2, with any number of AI or real players. Each level has a distinct theme that keeps you interested in what’s to come. You can even create your own level to suit your preferences.

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