Sky: Children of Light's 'Season of AURORA' now live

AURORA jumps from Assassin's Creed to Sky!

17 October 2022
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thatgamecompany, the award-winning studio behind critically acclaimed titles including Journey, Flower and flOw, today released the Season of AURORA for Sky: Children of Light. You can see the launch trailer for the Season of AURORA above.

The Season of AURORA is a first-of-its-kind musical experience in collaboration with the award-winning Norwegian musician and artist, AURORA, best known for hits such as “Runaway” and “Cure For Me,” and lending her ethereal vocals to Frozen II’s “Into the Unknown.” In the Season of AURORA, players can look forward to characters, stories, quests, themed items and more inspired by and featuring music of AURORA. Players will journey through a story told in music and discover the song-filled memories of Spirits carrying hope through struggle and loss.

Seek the four Seasonal Spirits who have gathered around the AURORA Season Guide in the Valley of Triumph’s Coliseum. Each brings a story written by AURORA, told through her voice in Seasonal Quests to weave the imagination of her best-known songs into the events that once unfolded in the realms. Complete these Seasonal Quests to reveal the colors and elements waiting to be restored and awaken a spirit of Light from the world’s distant past.

Alongside the story of the Season, offer Seasonal Candles to these four Spirits to receive themed items that represent them, including masks, capes, and music sheets featuring AURORA’s songs. Within the AURORA Guide Spirit’s Friendship Tree are other items especially designed for this Season, including music sheets, an outfit, and three extra emote expressions.

Ultimate Gifts require a Season Pass to unlock, but these additional items will become available as you progress through the Seasonal Quests and can be unlocked with Candles or Hearts—no Season Pass needed! This includes a specially themed mask and outfit from the song “Cure For Me” as well. These two items will be available after completing all Seasonal Quests until the end of the Season.

Each song through its quest will bring its color to the present-day world of Sky, and can be experienced multiple times by revisiting its starting locations in the levels. Much more is planned for the second half of the Season that will come in the 0.19.5 patch. Stay tuned for news about community events as well for everyone to take part in.

Seasonal content can be enjoyed by all players. Players with a Season Pass ($9.99, all prices USD) will also have the opportunity to unlock all items and Ultimate Gifts from the Season of AURORA Spirits’ Friendship Trees as well as the Ultimate Gifts offered by the Season Guide. The three-pack Gift Pack bundle will also be available for $19.99 and comes with two gift passes to give to friends within the game.

Passes become available for purchase when the Season begins at 00:00 on October 17 PDT (UTC -7), and all players with a Pass (whether purchased or gifted) receive 30 bonus Season Candles. Season of AURORA continues until 23:59 Monday January 2, 2023 PST (UTC -8).

Specially themed items created for this collaboration are also offered as in-app purchases:

  • Runaway hairstyle: $2.99
  • Tiara We Can Touch head accessory: $4.99
  • Runaway outfit: $9.99
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