It seems Nintendo’s customer service reps have been dealing with the worst of humanity lately, and Nintendo is stepping in to make sure their employees are protected.

Nintendo has released a statement online concerning the treatment of their employees who handle customer service. Apparently, these poor employees have been harassed quite considerably by customers, with conversations going far beyond the norms of customer service interactions.

Nintendo is asking customers to keep things civil during any customer service conversation, and not doing so could result in a denial of service, or worse, legal action. You can see Nintendo’s full statement on the matter below.

When making inquiries about product repairs, please refrain from engaging in behavior that goes beyond socially accepted norms (including but not limited to those listed below). If we determine that such behavior has taken place, we may refuse to repair or replace your product. Moreover, if we view the behavior as especially malicious we will contact the police and lawyers in order to take the appropriate measures in response to it.

Threats, intimidation, or menacing behavior Insults or degrading remarks Infringement on privacy Requests for service beyond social norms, such as requesting free repairs beyond what is covered by warranty Unreasonable demands for an apology from the company or demands to punish people Behavior that prolongs the time spent such as excessively repeating the same request or complaint Slander on social media or the Internet

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1+ y ago

What is it with people that they think it’s ok to harass and threaten people who are trying to do their job and help?!


1+ y ago

Good. Nothing worse than a 'Billy Ballsack' thinking they can be a jerk about things because they can. If your toaster is broken, you wouldn't go back to the shop you bought it from and poop in the electronics aisle to get your point across.

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1+ y ago

C'mon people! Don't you know, only Nintendo are allowed harass their own employees? Yeesh!

Seriously though, threatening people, intimidating and/or menacing behaviour. What is wrong with some of these people? Show some respect. Manners doesn't cost anything.


1+ y ago


Per the sources, this is specifically in regards to Japan, right? There doesn’t seem to be any word from other regional branches.